Find a Surgeon

In order to schedule an appointment for your procedure at Tennessee Valley Eye Center, you’ll need to visit one of our associated surgical practices to see one of their highly-qualified surgeons. Your surgeon’s practice will coordinate with TVEC to schedule your appointment. You may contact any of our associated practices below to schedule an appointment or you may also search through our surgeon listings to find a surgeon who specializes in treating your condition.

Baptist Eye Surgeons
Appointments: 865-579-3920
Knoxville Eye Center
Appointments: 865-694-2021
Knoxville Pediatric Ophthalmology
Appointments: 865-521-7998
Southeastern Retina Associates
Chattanooga: 1-800-365-0105
Knoxville: 1-888-566-9738
Tri-Cities: 1-888-773-7287
University Eye Specialists
Appointments: 865-244-2020