Herbert J. Glatt, MD

Dr. Glatt is a specialist in Oculoplastic Surgery whose practice is entirely focused on eyelid and tear duct surgery. He joined University Eye Specialists in 1989 as the first fellowship-trained Oculoplastic Surgeon in East Tennessee. Since that time he has performed over 14,000 operations.

He has spent decades caring for patients with eyelid skin cancers that require surgical removal and subsequent eyelid reconstruction that often requires unique techniques specific to the eyelid. He removes benign eyelid lesions, such as moles, cysts and skin tags. Dr. Glatt performs tear duct surgery to help patients who suffer from tearing and/or infections due to blocked tear ducts. He cares for patients who require removal of blind eyes to relieve pain and of eyes afflicted with cancer.

Dr. Glatt graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his medical degree from Duke University School of Medicine. When University Eye Specialists sought a surgeon with specialized training in Oculoplastic Surgery to care for the patients of East Tennessee, Dr. Glatt and his wife welcomed the opportunity to live, work, and raise their family in Knoxville.
While watching his sons grow up in Knoxville’s wonderful swim culture (and later become collegiate swimmers), Dr. Glatt took up the sport himself, although at a considerably slower pace, and enjoys swimming at the University of Tennessee Aquatic Center. He and his wife Lynn enjoy hiking in East Tennessee and America’s National Parks.